10 Great Things to Do with Dental Floss!

Floss is an essential part of your oral health care routine, along with brushing at least twice a day for at least 3 minutes and visiting Thunderbird Dental Group, your Langley dentist, for your regular oral health care checkup every six months.

Flossing right before bed can reduce your chances of plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum disease but did you know dental floss can do more for you than just give you a perfectly healthy smile?

Read on for 10 Great Thing you can do with Dental Floss around your house!

1. Hang Pictures

Dental floss is strong enough that you can use it to hang pictures, and as a bonus, it won’t damage your wall paint.
2. Make Flower Garlands 
For a natural touch in your home, you can use dental floss to make flower garlands or hang Christmas ornaments.
3. Create a Healthy Dog Toy 
Tie floss in the shape of a bone and offer it to your dog as a chew toy. The floss will help clean their teeth.
4. Tie up a Roast 
You can use unwaxed dental floss to tie up meat for cooking if you run out of kitchen tread.

5. Floss your Furniture 

The advantage of dental floss is that it can clean in hard-to-reach places, including crevices in your furniture that a simple dusting won’t get.

6. Help out your Plants 

If you have climbing plants, you can give them a little support with dental floss.

7. Use as Emergency Shoelace 

If your shoelace breaks, you can use dental floss to keep your shoe on and carry on with your day!

8. Sew Things Up 

Dental floss is incredibly strong – you can use it to sew a button or fix a tear in your clothing.

9. Use as a Knife

If you’re missing cutlery, you can use a piece of floss to cut into food such as hard-boiled eggs, cheese, cake or jello.

10. Rescue your Old Photos 

If you have 2 photos stuck together in an album, gently slide a piece of floss in between them to separate them without any damage.


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If you’re wondering about the correct way to use floss when it comes to cleaning your teeth, please watch the informative video below courtesy of Colgate:

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