Accepting New Patients At
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New Patients Welcome

Thunderbird Dental Group has earned a reputation for excellent results, friendly staff, and gentle compassionate dentists. We go the extra mile to help you with all the details, from dealing with insurance to extended hours for your convenience.

Here are some essential reasons why Thunderbird Dental Group is the ideal dentist for Langley families living in Walnut Grove. At Thunderbird Dental, we:

  • Provide VIP service and easy access to raise patient expectations about what dental care can do for their health and self-assurance
  • Seek out new and proven methodologies to give dental patients more options
  • Provide preventative and restorative care to promote or return patients to their optimal oral and overall health
  • Provide practical and aesthetic dental solutions that support patients’ health, wellbeing, and confidence
  • Help patients create positive associations with dental experiences, from young children to seniors
  • Educate and empower patients to manage their own dental health like pros

What To Expect

Thunderbird Dental Group builds lifelong relationships with its patients based on delivering on our promises.  Our promises are based on best practices and what we would expect for ourselves and our families.

 We promise to be welcoming, accommodating, and comforting to new and returning patients of all ages. We are an inclusive family practice. We bring our best efforts and community spirit to all patients, be they returning or future clients.

 We promise to develop a personal connection with each patient in order to build a trust relationship and deliver individualized treatment. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to something as complex and important as health care.

 We promise to do our best work for each individual. Each patient is legitimately concerned about their wellbeing and the health of their family. We regard our clients as part of our greater Walnut Grove family, and so we aim to make every treatment first-rate.

 We promise to be forthright and accessible and to provide unambiguous answers to questions regarding all treatment options. Fully informed patients are able to make confident and wise decisions.

 We promise to empower patients to be active partners in their oral health plan. The key factor for optimal dental health involves a patient’s personal decisions about maintenance and treatment. That is why we assess each individual and provide them with a personalized home health care regime, and thoroughly explain their treatment options.

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