Guys: Finding a Job You Love is Easier with a Stunning Smile

In a recent poll of Vancouver dentists and consumers, it was confirmed that men are much less likely to regularly visit the dentist in comparison to females.

The study, conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry, nearly 45% of participants felt that men don’t feel the need to visit the dentist. In addition, 35% of those polled thought that men do not visit the dentist due to fear or embarrassment. 18% thought that men didn’t have enough time for the dentist and 5% concluded that most men do not even have a regular dentist.

This idea, however, may be drastically changing as more men than ever before are visiting their local dentist office.

At Thunderbird Dental Group, more men are coming in to request professional teeth whitening treatments, veneers and dental bonding. It seems men have finally realized the benefits of improving their smile to find greater success in the business world.

With an increase in lay-offs and economic problems around North America, middle-aged men who were once comfortable in their position are finding themselves competing for jobs with younger men. This has caused appearances to become increasingly important in our society.

Often, a brighter smile enhanced by cosmetic dentistry, can lead to improved confidence and pride. This can help many men (and women) in finding a job they love, easier.

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